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If you’re good at what you do but are unsure how to take your business to the next level, then you’re in the right place!

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Many businesses find themselves trapped in a cycle of chasing new business, doing the work, then desperately chasing some more.

‘We’re super busy! All hands on deck, we’ve got so much to get done!’

Followed by:

‘We’re super quiet! All hands on deck, we’ve got to find more business!’

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This constant chasing and working (apart from being exhausting),  mean it’s near impossible to actually grow your business.

The Solution?

Put simply: effective marketing.

For many businesses the idea of marketing can seem pretty overwhelming:

What is it?
What’s the point?
Where do we begin?
What’s needed?
Now what?

As a result, marketing is often added to that ‘Someday’ list.

A dictionary definition of the word 'someday'

But, perhaps that ‘Someday’ has now arrived!

Perhaps you’ve tried a few different ideas before, some of them might have worked, others not so well.
Usually, when people dabble in marketing they try something out and if it doesn’t work as hoped they quickly toss it out and try something else, and on and on.  This is like cooking a meal using just one ingredient.
Unless you know how to prepare it, cook it, and combine it with other ingredients you’re likely to end up with nothing particularly interesting.

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Get Started

New to marketing?  No problem.

Your Marketing Rules starts from scratch.

We go over the basics so that you have a strong foundation to build on.

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What is Marketing?

The purpose of marketing is simple.

It’s to get someone who has a need to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately recommend you.

Your Marketing Rules goes through all the steps to help make this a reality for your business.

Fluff-Free Marketing

Effective Marketing Without Any Fluff

I’m sure you’ve met people who take pleasure in making simple things complex.

Whilst these people can be found everywhere, there seem to be a lot of them ‘doing’ marketing!

These are the ones who like to pretend marketing is a mysterious art form outside the grasp of mere mortals!

Actually, when you remove the fluff, marketing is built on some pretty simple ideas.

When properly applied, these simple ideas can lead to pretty amazing things!

Such as:

Winning more of the right clients.

Standing out (in the right way)!

People getting in touch with you, rather than you chasing them.

Being able to grow your business, rather than just keeping your head above water.

How it Works

Your Marketing Rules helps business owners go from confusion to clarity.


A complete system that includes everything to transform your business


You’ll be guided, not overwhelmed, as you move through the simple step by step system using the tools and checklists that are provided .

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