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Who’s Your Customer?

Your first question should always be –

“who’s your customer?”

Or more precisely –

“who’s your ideal customer?”

Your answer to this determines all other aspects of your marketing.

 Figuring out your answer to this question is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to increase the chance of success of any of your other marketing efforts.

Why is this so important?

Your customer is your only source of money, without customers you don’t have a business (regardless of how many ‘fans’ or ‘eyes on your message’ you have).  If your goal is to make as many people aware of your existence then handing over hefty sums of money to whoever will take it (and there’s plenty who will) is a great idea, but if your goal is to create customers then perhaps another route is required.

Many business owners say that “everyone is my customer”, or “whoever gives me money”, but unless you are Coca-Cola (and even then) not everyone is your customer.

The humble cup of tea is a useful way of looking at this.

Some people like hot tea,

some like iced tea,

but have you ever heard someone say “I’ll have a cup of lukewarm tea please”?

Saying that everyone is your customer is like running a cafe that only serves up lukewarm tea, it’s neither one thing or another and no-one’s going to get excited by that.

You can’t be all things to all people and one size fits all doesn’t work anymore.

Unless you figure out this critical point there will always be someone targeting your customer better than you.

So, figure out who your ideal customer is, really get to know them, what they do, where they get information from, who they trust.

Once you have figured out who your customer is you can then shape all of your other marketing activities both digital and traditional to speak directly to them and stand out.

So ask yourself:

“Who is my customer?”

“Why should they care about what I offer?”

“What problem do they want to solve?”

“How do they feel about this problem?”

“What do they do – where, when, why, and with whom?”

“Where are they looking for solutions?”

How To Win More Customers

The words 'Did You Know?

All things being equal, given the chance people tend to buy from friends.

Did You Also Know?

All things being NOT so equal, people still tend to buy from friends.

This tendency to prefer to buy from ‘friends’ is such a truism that it follows hotly on the heels of life’s other certainties:
birth, death, and taxes.

So the big question for business owners is:

“How do I make more friends?”

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce our first trusty marketing tool:

The Loyalty Ladder

A simple upright wooden ladder, leaning against nothing.

Getting To Know You

Getting To Like You

Getting To Trust You