Not everything under the sun, just the stuff to get it done.

Your Marketing Rules is essentially marketing’s greatest hits – simplified, refined and integrated.

Less isn’t more, it’s better.

Marketing’s Job.

Once you cut away the fluff, marketing’s job is to:

sell more stuff

to more people

for more money

Skip the plod.

Big, cumbersome marketing projects? Not our style. We loathe slow, convoluted processes riddled with jargon, plus they rarely pay off. Imagine this: after months of hard work, your shiny new campaign is nearly ready to launch. Both you and the agency are feeling the strain, and frankly that initial shared enthusiasm has long since gone. You sign off the plan, just to get it done, unconvinced you’ll see results… Sound familiar?

A better way.

Ultimately, real results only emerge when your campaign is up and running and attracting customers. While we appreciate thinking big, we also grasp the necessity of tackling challenges methodically and getting things live.

Sausage over sizzle.

Regardless of the scale of your ambitions, we break big tasks into smaller chunks, launching rapidly, and building on early wins.

No need for the agony of antiquated projects; our in-house capabilities ensure seamless project delivery from inception to fruition and beyond.

With us, it’s all about delivering solutions that consistently yield results.

How we do it:

Proper Marketing, Done Right.

We follow a time and battle tested approach. One that works, delivers, and is effective.

The process follows three stages, done in order:




Diagnosis informs strategy and guides us where to focus our energies in order to win. Tactics guides us to the most effective route to winning. What we should do and what we should not do aka being choiceful.

1. Diagnosis

Research, probe, get out of the office and understand the market.

2. Strategy

Target your greatest opportunity.  Create your winning Position.  Develop Your Brand Codes. Define your Objectives.

3. Tactics

Pick the Tactics best suited to deliver the Strategy. Reject those that don’t.

The Nitty Gritty


The diagnosis stage is all about taking a deep dive into market data, consumer behavior, competition, and your company.

It’s the groundwork for crafting effective marketing strategies and campaigns by understanding the target audience and getting clarity on what’s possible.

  • Customer Research

  • Jobs to Be Done
  • Ethnography
  • Segmentation


In the Strategy stage, the game plan takes form, informed by the findings that were uncovered during Diagnosis. It defines target audiences, sets goals, crafts messaging, and selects effective channels and tactics. This pivotal moment establishes a roadmap for successful campaigns aligned with identified opportunities and challenges, ensuring effectiveness.

  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Distinctive Assets
  • Objective Setting


In the marketing tactics stage, the timeless 4Ps—Product, Price, Place, and Promotion—spring to life. Businesses enact strategies concerning product development, pricing, distribution, and promotions. These tactics are finely tuned to captivate the target audience, ensuring alignment with the overall strategy for successful campaigns.

  • Product & Service
  • Pricing
  • Place (Distribution)
  • Promotion (communications)


The marketing implementation phase brings well-crafted plans to life, executing strategies from the marketing plan: product launches, pricing adjustments, distribution management, and promotional campaigns. Diligence in timing and detail ensures a harmonious marketing mix, advancing toward goals and objectives.

  • Systems and Processes

  • Training and Upskilling
  • Team Structure
  • Recruitment


The control stage in marketing acts as the conductor of the marketing orchestra, harmonizing the elements and ensuring they’re on course. It monitors and evaluates strategy performance against predetermined goals, tracking KPIs, analyzing market trends, and gathering customer feedback. This feedback loop allows for fine-tuning, optimizing resources, and aligning efforts with overarching goals and evolving market conditions.

  • Objective Tracking
  • Brand Tracking

  • Net Promoter System

Ready to Stack the Odds in Your Favour?

We offer our skills to tackle a wide range of issues. Whether you’re grappling with a fledgling brand, a perplexing strategic conundrum, or an opportunity that seems elusive, we’re keen to get stuck in with our evidence-based solutions, combined with practical know-how.

BEcause, luck is not a strategy.