The Winning Web Pages Workshop

Supercharge Your Landing Page Skills,

Increase Your Sales Forever

  • Frustrated your site’s not getting the sales you deserve?

  • Not sure where to begin when creating web pages?

What this Workshop’s All About

In a nutshell, it’s about helping you learn a new skill,

so you can…

Sell More Stuff**

**(By stuff I really mean, your idea, your point of view, your product, your service.)

What Does That Mean For You?

No more guessing what’s needed to make your pages work. 

(By work I mean, getting your site visitors to take action, could be make a purchase, fill out a contact form, give you a ring, handover their money.)

No more stuck in a what-goes-where loop.

What you’ll have is a reliable and effective three stage process that works*, each and every time.

Any time you’re in need of a new page, you’ll be able to get it done,

confident you’re ticking all the right boxes

and not missing anything crucial.

The Landing Page Workshop has one job: to give you the skills and confidence to put together effective web pages that:

  • Quickly gain and hold your visitors’ attention.
  • Communicate the right information in the right way.
  • Overcome barriers.
  • Reduce fears.
  • Make is easy for visitors to become decide if you’re right for them.
  • Make your life that much better!

Is this you?

You visit other people’s sites, they look great, you find yourself nodding in agreement as you work your way down their page.

But, when it comes to your own site, you just don’t know where to begin …
There’s so much you need to say.
Everything seems important. What needs to go first?
What goes where? Am I missing anything?
It’s complicated, time-consuming, exhausting and that’s just thinking about it!

Adding Insult to Injury

Having carved out that precious chunk of time, put other things on hold, given it your all, and created your winning page…
You share your new creation with the the world and wait,
A week on and nothing’s happened, nothing’s changed.
So what do you do?
You tweak this and add that and so it goes, round and round ….
You’ve read all the how-to guides,
done what the gurus say works 100% of the time!
You begin to doubt your offer.
Maybe it’s not good enough,
maybe I’m not good enough!


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Sell More Stuff

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Diagnose Problems

Combine Insights

Once you’ve completed this workshop you’ll:

Be able to communicate what you do so others ‘get it’

Have learnt a new skill you can apply to all your communications
(web, presentations, pitches, social, emails, phone, webinars, ads, newsletters, events …)

Be able to create winning web pages from here on out


My Frustration!

I’d spend ages creating a fantastic new offering,

then patiently (accounts may differ on this) wait for people to raise their hand and hand over their cash.

I soon came to realise that that’s just not how things work (neither on, nor off-line).

You see, even though I knew I’d created something pretty great,

unless I found a way to let people know that it existed

and was just right for them,

it didn’t really mean a great deal.

So I set out to find consistent way of doing this

A step-by-step process, that would remove doubt and complexity.  A process that would massively cut-down the time needed to get a page ready to share with the world. 

Was this possible?



Introducing the Landing Page Workshop – Live

How Does it Work?

  • Step 1: Diagnose what your ‘customers’ need to know

There’s a lot involved in putting an effective landing page together, but it all starts with getting inside the head of your ideal customer. How do you do that you may be wondering? By asking the right people, the right questions and listening well. Once we’ve got answers to those burning questions, it’s time to follow a step-by-step process that brings order to the potential overwhelm of information. 

Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • How to identify the right people to talk to

  • How to get to talk with these people

  • What you need to do so you get the information from this conversation

  • How to figure out the right questions to ask

  • What to do with this fire-hose of information

  • How to use these insights so visitors immediately ‘get’ what you’re doing and understand the value of your offer

  • Step 2: Gain attention so they won’t need to look elsewhere

Once we’ve identified your customers’ hopes, fears, and sticking points

we turn the spotlight to the progress they’re looking to make

and how you’re the one to make this happen.

Sticking in some cobbled together headline simply won’t get visitors to take that next step,

let alone sign on the dotted line.

Turning the answers from our earlier diagnosis into a impactful headline

that will grab attention and keep people reading is what we’ll cover in Step 2.

  • Step 3: Feedback

The live workshop takes you through the entire process of creating a sales page for a fictional product. Now it’s time to put your new skills to work on your own product / service. Step 3 is all about the flexing your new muscles and creating your own product/service page together from top to bottom.

This means you’re reinforcing your new skill so you’ll be confident applying them again and again to current and future products.

As you work your way through the steps, you’ll get feedback helping you create your effective sales page that will turn visitors into customers like never before. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a completed sales page your proud of and ready to tackle that next page!



  • Landing Page Workshop – Live
  • Complete How To Guide – PDF
  • Private Group Access
  • Daily Feedback on Your Work
  • Recorded Feedback of your future Landing Pages (x 3) worth £600
  • Comprehensive Checklist & interview Guide
  • Email Support (3 months)


  • Landing Page Workshop – Live
  • Complete How To Guide – PDF
  • Private Group Access
  • Daily Feedback on Your Work
  • Recorded Feedback of your future Landing Pages (x 7) worth £1400
  • Comprehensive Checklist & Interview Guide
  • Email Support (6 months)

2024: Winning Web Pages Workshop

The next session is planned for January 2024