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Q. What separates fast growing businesses from others?

A. Effective Marketing.

The Marketing Masterclass … with Mark Rowland

Thursday, March 7, 2024, in Singapore.

9 am to 1:30 pm

We’ll announce the venue soon.  It will be central.

Learn and practise the most impactful parts of marketing with Your Marketing Rules CEO, Mark Rowland.

This is Mark’s first masterclass in Singapore.

This event is only available in-person.

Welcome to the Marketing Strategy Masterclass.

This in person workshop equips you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to create a successful marketing strategy.   It’ll help you focus your time, money, and energy where it’s best placed – winning you more business!

You’ll learn core practical methods from beginning (diagnosis) to end (measurement).

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It’s Time to Level Up

How are you going to make a marketing plan that’ll help you sell more stuff, if you don’t know what you’re doing?

Marketing Plans are a business’ currency, but too many ‘plans’ are made on the fly, a template that not written with their business in mind, or no plan at all.

In this Masterclass You’ll Learn

  • Marketing’s role in your business.
  • Costly mistakes and how avoid them.
  • The importance of getting your fundamentals right (and how to do it).
  • Where to focus your marketing efforts (time, energy, money).
  • Time-tested frameworks to help you win more often.

  • How to build a successful marketing strategy.
  • How to boost sales on a budget, even small ones.

  • How to increase the attractiveness of any product or service.
  • How to apply psychology to your campaigns.
  • Guidance on useful tools (and useless ones to avoid).

We’ll run thought over 10 exercises and make your own marketing plan.

This event is only available in-person.

How The Masterclass Will Happen

Over 4.5 hours from 9am to 1.30 pm on Thursday, March 7, 2024, Mark will get you hands-on with your marketing.  He’ll take you through the following: 

Learn from Your Marketing Rules CEO, Mark Rowland

Mark Rowland (LinkedIn) runs Your Marketing Rules. He’s also run marketing teams at leading UK marketing agency, Exposure Ninja.

Mark’s worked in marketing since 2007.

Mark shares practical marketing insights backed by science and results.  No fluff.

John Doe, ACME
“Nobody is better at turning buyer psychology into actionable frameworks.”
VP Marketing

Smart marketers study buyer psychology.  Mark makes it easy and fun to learn and apply what actually matters.

James, Entrepreneur

Want to make this year a winning one?

What You’ll Learn

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

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You’ll do lots of cool stuff

The number five

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

The number 6

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

The number seven

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

The number eight

You’ll do lots of cool stuff

You’ve dabbled in the basics and you’re now ready for take-off

Learning marketing can happen in so many ways.  You can take courses, read books, watch videos and more.  But there’s so much wrong and costly information out there.  When you’re on the job, it can be hard to find time for things that aren’t urgent, even though you know it’s what you need to do to progress.

Who Is This Masterclass for?

This Masterclass is for people who want to take a running  leap with their marketing, to help their business progress.  You may be a business owner, or hold a marketing position in a company.

Business Owners

Who are under constant pressure to grow.


Who want to sell more stuff.

Anyone Who Sells

Whose livelihood relies on driving sales.  

Invest Time in Yourself For Once

Your future self deserves it!

This event is only available in-person.

Backed by marketing science

Millions of dollars of marketing campaigns, and thousands of hours of academic research underpin this masterclass’ content.  

Grow Your Business

Discover science-backed marketing methods that you can apply to help you find more customers and sell more.

Start Selling Smarter

Learn the time-tested frameworks and tools that will help you to be effective and action oriented.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Take the guesswork out of what to do and where to focus.  Save hours, weeks, days of abortive work, by knowing how to filter out the valuable from the wasteful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Today, anyone with a pulse thinks they’re a marketer …

Anyone can generate ideas.

Ads? No problem.  Sales emails? A breeze.  A landing pages? Easy peasy.

There’s no shortage of people who will spout off about the latest marketing hack, promising incredible results if you just hand over your cash.  


There’s just one problem

BS at the speed of light, is still BS.

I prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance.
David Ogilvy, Founder of Ogilvy

Don’t Wing it.  Take the Scientific Approach

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Areas Covered

Understand what marketing strategy is, how it works, why it’s important and a course overviews.

Here we show the importance of having a market orientation and the right questions to ask in order to understand your business.

Understand what marketing strategy is, how it works, why it’s important and a course overviews.

Here we’ll show you how to set objectives that will help the business grow.

What does success look like? How to define it? How to measure it.

The Guiding Light:
A Day of Marketing Revelation for Small Enterprises

Hey there, small business owners! Get ready for a supercharged marketing workshop that will level up your business. It’s all about getting everyone on the same page, setting clear goals, and sharpening your messages.

A Day of Epiphany: A Journey of 8 Hours

Got big goals? Well, good marketing is the key to reaching them. But we get it – running a business keeps you busy. Our One Day Marketing Workshop is like a shortcut to solving your marketing challenges. We bring all your important people together to:

Enter the One Day Marketing Workshop, a sanctuary of swift resolution for your marketing dilemmas. Herein, thy esteemed decision-makers shall convene, and together they shall:

  • Figure out what’s not working in your marketing (and where you’re spending too much)
  • Connect your goals with your marketing (so you know what to do next)
  • Create a practical plan
  • Make your marketing message strong and consistent

Prepare to reorient, to refocus, and to rejuvenate your business trajectory, starting with an action-packed day of marketing know-how!

Reaching Your Goals: The Power of Having a Plan

We totally get how important it is for your business to hit those goals you’ve set. But guess what? To actually get there, you need a plan. And to create that plan, you need some guidance. That’s where we come in.

Think of our One Day Marketing Strategy Workshop as your secret weapon to make sure you’ve got a marketing plan that takes you right to those goals.  In just 8 hours, we’ll team up with you and your crew to craft an awesome marketing strategy that might just change the whole game for your business – no exaggeration!

What We’ll Cover

Clarify Your Marketing Message

Ever had trouble explaining what your business is all about? It happens to a lot of us. Sometimes it’s hard to sum up in a sentence or two, or even a short blurb.

Getting your marketing message just right is super important. That’s why we kick off our One Day Workshop by tackling it. It could be the thing that turns a casual passerby into a raving fan.

Discover and Fix Where Things Get Stuck

You know how in a game, sometimes you hit a point where you can’t go forward? Well, in business, there’s a similar spot that holds back people from becoming your biggest fans. We call it the Bottleneck – the place where things slow down.

But fear not! We’re here to help. We’ll take a journey with you through your customer’s experience. We’ll chat, ask questions, and look at numbers to figure out exactly where this bottleneck is. And guess what? We won’t stop there. We’ll come up with a plan to clear the way and keep things moving smoothly!

Crafting Your Roadmap to Success

Imagine building a roadmap to guide you toward your business dreams. We have a secret weapon: The Sales Funnel framework. It’s like a puzzle that reveals what’s missing, what you’ve got, and what could use a little polish to make your goals happen.

Our One Day Workshop is your launchpad. With a workbook full of tried-and-true exercises, we’re like your trusty guides. Together, we’ll piece together your strategy and set in motion actions and next steps to bring it to life!