March 2018

Lessons from the ‘Mad’ Dentist of Brisbane.

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As slogans go 'mad' isn't the best for dentists. A manic dentist wielding a masonry drill above your open mouth doesn't inspire confidence! Fortunately, the 'mad' bit comes from the fact this one fired more than half his customers in a single day. You see, Dr. Paddi was miserable and his patients were to blame.

January 2018

How Much!?! The Importance of getting your pricing right.

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Pricing (perhaps marketing's most overlooked P) is frequently not given the attention it deserves. Perhaps you take a look at your competitors and think "hmm, well if we charge a little less / a little more than them then ...", or "it costs this much to produce so let's stick 10% on top." Of course,

Three Ways to Beat Your Competitors

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This is a helpful way to think about how you can best focus your limited resources (time, energy, money, and people) so that you keep ahead of your competition in a meaningful way (in the eyes of your customers). Your customers will pick you if you are the leader in one of the three following