March 2018

How Things Catch On


When something new appears on the scene, such as television, mobile phones, Google, or gluten-free cupcakes, not everyone rushes out to buy them at once. Some people jump in feet first, others hang-back a bit, and some finally give in. A perceptive chap, Everett Rogers, looked into how new ideas catch on and an

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Lessons from the ‘Mad’ Dentist of Brisbane.


As slogans go 'mad' isn't the best for dentists. A manic dentist wielding a masonry drill above your open mouth doesn't inspire confidence! Fortunately, the 'mad' bit comes from the fact this one fired more than half his customers in a single day. You see, Dr. Paddi was miserable and his patients were to blame.

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January 2018

Segmentation – A Powerful Thing


When people say their product / service is for "everyone" what they're really saying is it's for "no one in particular". If you're Coca Cola that's fine, but assuming you're not there are massive gains to be made by being clear about who your customer really is. So figure out whose problem you have the

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