March 2018

Lessons from the ‘Mad’ Dentist of Brisbane.

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As slogans go 'mad' isn't the best for dentists. A manic dentist wielding a masonry drill above your open mouth doesn't inspire confidence! Fortunately, the 'mad' bit comes from the fact this one fired more than half his customers in a single day. You see, Dr. Paddi was miserable and his patients were to blame.

February 2018

Who’s The Customer?

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Figuring out who your customer is can be tricky. Many "customers" are not the people who place the order or pop that packet of cereal in the shopping basket. The real customer is often hidden or has multiple-heads where the decision to buy is a team effort. Unless you get to grips with who your

January 2018

How To Find Your Customers

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Here's a great example of a company that 'gets' where their potential customers are lurking! It pays to figure out creative ways to target your customers, great ideas don't always have to be expensive to implement! Does anyone know of any other examples of this sort of thing?

Segmentation – A Powerful Thing

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When people say their product / service is for "everyone" what they're really saying is it's for "no one in particular". If you're Coca Cola that's fine, but assuming you're not there are massive gains to be made by being clear about who your customer really is. So figure out whose problem you have the

Watch Out For Holes!

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The journey a customer takes from first hearing about you, to trusting you is rarely brief. It's easy for customers to fall through the cracks along the way, they might lose interest, get frustrated, or perhaps someone else snaps them up along the way. One useful way to make your customers' journey as smooth and

Going Viral (thoughtfully)

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Whatever it is you're offering you'd better hope it's not a virus. Viruses don't care who they infect, everyone is a target. You actually care about the people who use your products, whereas a virus's only aim is to survive. You are not in the business of survival because you actually want to make a

Free Trials – A.K.A – ‘The Pied Piper of Customer Conversion’

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If someone asked if they could put a large sign in your garden, chances are you'd say "no". But, if that same person had previously asked if they could put a small sign up (and you'd agreed to it), chances are you'd now be saying "yes" to that big sign. Weird? What does this mean