September 2023

Six Thinking Hats – Edward De Bono


I first became aware of this book back in 2009, when a school teacher friend mentioned that he was using it with some 8-year-olds.  He explained the basic concept to me, which sounded interesting, but after a few minutes we moved on to other topics.  Flash forward to the present day (2018) and I

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February 2018

Creating Effective Teams


Teams are formed and then swiftly dissolved on an increasingly regular basis. Perhaps they're set-up for that one critical project before being disbanded without a moments thought. The challenge is figuring out how to get this ragtag (sometimes jaded) bunch performing as a high functioning team in the shortest time. An overwhelming array of models

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On Feedback


Getting feedback can be an awkward and sometimes painful experience (giving it can be even worse!). Whenever you're on the receiving end it can be helpful to ask yourself: "What can I do with this?" It's not just about figuring out what has/hasn't succeeded, it's also about choosing if and how to react. This model

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