Your Culture Is Your Brand

By Published On: February 15th, 2018

Employee handbooks, like that rare bird the Yellow Pages, are often found hanging out propping open doors. There seems to be an intercompany tussle to see whose can be crowned driest of them all. But in the right hands, an employee handbook can be a powerful vehicle for attracting the right employees, communicating values, and inspiring change.

Zappos has truly raised the bar for placing incredible emphasis on cultural fit (they take it so far as to offer new hires $3,000 to leave at the end of the first week – allegedly this is rarely collected!). The Zappos Culture Book is complete with employee insights on Zappos’ culture, as well as photos, core values, and plenty more.

The question is how do you translate that incredible emphasis on culture into something as dry as an employee handbook without losing your audience? There’s only one option of course, turn that dry old handbook into an action-packed comic of course! Zappos’ employee comic book (handbook) stars a grandmother explaining how to play nice to her grandson in an around about way of sharing all the potentially sapping policies and procedures they have to include.

Check out the Zappos Employee Handbook

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Written by : Mark Rowland

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