February 2018

What’s the benefit of getting customer feedback?

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If we don't seek out customer feedback, we'll never know what leads to satisfied customers. If we don't know what creates satisfied customers, increasing customer loyalty will always be guesswork. Some insights: - It costs between 5 & 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain existing ones. - The greatest source

Your Culture Is Your Brand

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Employee handbooks, like that rare bird the Yellow Pages, are often found hanging out propping open doors. There seems to be an intercompany tussle to see whose can be crowned driest of them all. But in the right hands, an employee handbook can be a powerful vehicle for attracting the right employees, communicating values, and

The Easiest Way To Create Value

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When was the last time you tried on your customers' shoes? Have you navigated your own website recently? Followed your user instructions? Contacted your customer service at the weekend? If you're ever in doubt how to create value, simply figure out how to make life better for your customers. Then focus on that!

January 2018

When Logos Go Rogue

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Your logo is quite possibly the most important element of your brand. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when evaluating yours: 1. Avoid anything trendy - you'll regret it quicker than you can say "fidget spinner". 2. Be distinctive - something that cuts through the noise, but doesn't confuse. 3. Is created with

How Much!?! The Importance of getting your pricing right.

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Pricing (perhaps marketing's most overlooked P) is frequently not given the attention it deserves. Perhaps you take a look at your competitors and think "hmm, well if we charge a little less / a little more than them then ...", or "it costs this much to produce so let's stick 10% on top." Of course,

Going Viral (thoughtfully)

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Whatever it is you're offering you'd better hope it's not a virus. Viruses don't care who they infect, everyone is a target. You actually care about the people who use your products, whereas a virus's only aim is to survive. You are not in the business of survival because you actually want to make a

The Power of Listening to Hear

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You can get peoples' opinions easily, but you don't get the truth by simply asking for answers. You reveal it by understanding the right questions to ask, by really listening (by muting your agenda) and trusting actions over words. Watch what people do, don't just believe what people tell you. Organisations that succeed 'get' their